We value the mission of creating a promising future for the Deaf.


Our promise: All donations made to support the development of Deaf Youth at the Kidimu Special School for the Deaf ( formerly (Kichakamkwaju Unit) through Aid Kenya Watoto in the south coast of Kenya go directly to funding the project.


Administrative costs are kept at the bare minimum. The Member Board organizes, coordinates, and carries out the activities of Aid Kenya Watoto and is made up of six volunteers that donate their time and expertise for the organization.


There are (7) full time staff members and (1) contracted staff member at the school in Kenya; including 3 teachers, dorm mother, a cook and a school grounds manager who serves as night watch as well Last a project manager, who is also directly employed by Aid Kenya Watoto. Their appropriated salaries can be viewed on the yearly financial reports.


Any and all sponsorships (through the Donation & Shop page or other fundraising events) for an individual child is given 100% to that respective child for their scholarship, room and board, school materials, and appropriate school-related activities.


Costs involving website development, accounting, tax, and legal documentation are donated time and resources by experts in each of those fields. We thank them for their continued support. Without these volunteers our work would not be possible.


We strive to ensure that any unavoidable costs of notary fees, bank transaction costs, and documentation are covered by fees paid by the Member Board.


If you have any questions or comments, please email us at info@aidkenya.org.