Corona Pandemic

Corona Pandemic · 04. January 2021
While after the first lockdown some kids came back to school in October 2020 we are so excited to have them all back, some had a ten month break and them as well are glad to meet with their friends back at school and eager to learn. We welcome them at their home away from home - Jambo!
Corona Pandemic · 22. December 2020
Kids are slowly leaving to go home for the holidays. We will miss them and are looking forward to have them back healthy in January 2021. Happy Holidays to all at Aid Kenya Watoto and Kidimu School for the Deaf.
Corona Pandemic · 01. October 2020
We are so excited to have the children come back to school. It was not so easy to stay in contact while they were at home as not all families have the technical ability to connect via a smart phone or computer. Regardless, we are excited to have them back and start using the new classrooms that we finished in June. Pretty sure they will be thrilled to be back as.
Corona Pandemic · 06. June 2020
The president announced that schools shall gradually reopen starting September 1st, 2020.
Corona Pandemic · 15. March 2020
The President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta directs that all schools shall be closed as of Friday March 20th, 2020. Our staff worked very hard in the days between to ensure safe travel home for all our boarding students.