The plan for creating a promising future for our students:

  • Completing, adding, and maintaining the schoolhouse and campus facilities. The schoolhouse has been funded, sponsored, and parts donated to be constructed to the standards of a government building. The school is government registered to ensure lessons are recognized as prerequisites for secondary education programs.
  • Creating a safe and healthy living environment. A full time house mother is currently employed. We plan to add a second two house parent for additional supervision past regular schooling hours, 7 days a week, during each 3-month school term. This supervisor includes, but is not limited to, cooking all necessary meals, staying on the campus at night to ensure the children's safety, and aid in medical or illness needs. The children are also involved in athletic activities to keep them active, healthy, and happy.
  • Offering student sponsorships. These sponsorships are vital to most students achieving a full education. Sponsorships are funded on a monthly basis; and include a sustainable nutrition and meal plan, payment of mandatory school fees, school learning materials, uniform, clothing for activities, and boarding needs. Each student is sponsored so they may develop to the maximum of their potential.
  • Training and employing staff. To continue supporting the students' education, the teachers and facility managers must also be supported with updated training, materials, and salaries.
  • Keeping an animal farm. As of February 2018, the chicken farm is setup and ready for egg production. The eggs are for meals as well as bringing in revenue to help the school be more financial self-sufficient. Plans are to add food and income-producing animals like goats as well as a garden.

Committed to the long-term growth of the organization to support an increasing population of students. As more families learn of the opportunity for their deaf children, the need for more space and resources rises at the school.

Aid Kenya Watoto is committed to growing and sustaining the development of Deaf education in Kenya for years to come.

We believe that a school is not just a place of learning for our students, it's a safe place for them to be nurtured into empowered adults. Your donation and sponsorships help make this a reality. Donate today.