Creating a promising future for the Deaf.

Through partnerships locally and internationally, we help staff, parents and guardians to invest in their children, which in turn empowers their community.

A donation today is an investment in tomorrow. By donating to Aid Kenya Watoto, you will be a crucial partner in the Kidimu Special School for the Deaf, the first school of its kind in south coast of Kenya.

The school also provides students with sponsorships so they may learn in a healthy environment. The education they receive prepares our students for secondary, vocational and collegiate programs, which strengthens the community for generations to come.


Our vision is to create a promising future for the Deaf in Kenya. We are actively developing a fully funded government school with the support of the community.


Partnerships are what make our work possible. We thank our donors, sponsors, and the local community for their strong support, now and in the future. 


We value honest and open communication as an organization through our financial reports. All donations go directly to fund the children, building, and school staff.


January 2012, Tino traveled to a small village in the south coast of Kenya, overwhelmed by the opportunity to help. To read the entire story click here.

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Aid Kenya Watoto e.V. & Kidimu Special School for the deaf


listen - COLORS of KENYA - Fundraising Vernissage



First day of sports competitions. We had a day of running laps and relay races against other deaf schools in the county. Our kids got many first, second and third place wins!

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Amazing Fundraising Vernissage to support deaf Kids in Kenya!

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