Creating a promising future for the Deaf. A donation today is an investment in tomorrow.

They rely on us to give them a safe, healthy, and happy environment to learn and grow. We rely on you to help us. 

All donations go to the children through funding school construction, monthly food plans, staff payment, and school activities.

By becoming a sponsor, 100% of your funds go directly to that child for their room and board, school materials, and education costs.

Your partnership is not only needed, it's greatly appreciated. You help make these children the happiest on Earth!


Purchase a limited edition framed photo by

Frank Dursthoff


Thank you to our photographer Frank Dursthoff who donated the photos for our 2019 Vernissage held in Düsseldorf, Germany at Galerie Voss. The images were taken in Kenya during his visit in the spring of 2019. Pictures will be available for sale after the Vernissage which is open to the public starting July 19th through July 21st, 2019. We invite you to come back and check availability of the pictures after the Vernissage.


Limited availability means that there is 3 or less available for sale

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