Is Royalty Rates The Database For You?

Is Royalty Range The Database For You?Do you spend too much time each day plowing through different databases in search of pertinent information on intellectual properties and licensing agreements? Then you so you probably want royalty information in one centralized location that allowed you to gain access to just about any property information you could need. The good news is that there is such a royalty rates database, known as Royalty Range. The bad news is that you still need to be able to decipher the information contained within the royalty rate database.

RoyaltyRange is a royalty rate database that provides customers with access to tons of data on licensing agreements throughout Europe and beyond. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the world of intangible property or you’re in the market for a streamlined process, you’ll find a royalty rate database that gives you everything you need to get the best deal for your client. Terms are constantly changing and this database will give you access to the most updated information regarding best business practices and agreements.

In order to get a good royalty rate on the licensing contract for intangible properties you will need access to anassortment of courses, including information on current agreements, which you can find through the broad search parameters Royalty Range offers. Because you will need access to information including where these properties may be used and how long they may be used under the licensing agreement, it will be much more efficient to have this information in one royalty rate database.

You must also be aware of standard practices when determining accurate royalty rates for a particular piece of property. With access to all this information in one database you can draft an agreement with terms both parties agree to within just a few hours thanks to access to Royalty Range.

When dealing with licensing agreements and intellectual property it should be your objective to make the most of the licensing provisions for your client, but to succeed you will need to gain access to a royalty rates database complete with all the information you need to reach an agreement. Royalty Range updated licensing agreements ensure you always have the information required to make a good deal.

Social Enterprise Tools For Success

Social Enterprise Tools For SuccessOne of the most daunting tasks for a new business or new manager to undertake is deciding what business tools will help achieve company goals. There are many enterprise tools available but not all of them are relevant for all businesses. Your job is to figure out what tools will help and which will just eat into your training and equipment budget.


The first social enterprise tool you may want to use is enterprise resource planning that allows you to gather all relevant information at any point in time. This software tracks the most important parts of the business—production, inventory, sales and marketing—so you can see what other tools your employees need to meet company goals.


Social enterprise tools for success will provide your employees with several tools for more effective communication. With tools that include video conferencing, instant messages, forums and message boards, employees will have different methods available to them for direct communication.

Enterprise social software can increase communication between employees working on the same project but in different locations.


The next social enterprise tool you’ll need is an enterprise collaboration system that encourages employees to work together unsupervised toward a common goal. Software gives managers options such as document sharing, video meetings, shared calendars and message boards to update team members on progress.

Social enterprise collaboration tools combined with social tools provide employees with a way to engage one another directly for the answers they need. Rather than delaying action to avoid communication with management, these tools offers a certain level of autonomy that employees crave.

The most enticing aspect of these social enterprise tools is that the managers can log in and check the progress of a project at any time.

Now you know what types of tools you need, it is time to see what Loomideck can do to help you achieve your goals.