WELCOME TO aidkenya.org

Where we believe in giving the needy the joy they deserve

For legitimacy, all organizations are fully registered and certified by the Kenya Revenue Authority and the Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Board of Kenya.


We are grateful for any help you give because no matter how much it is, it is making a difference n someone's life. For tangible non-monetary donations like food, clothing, gadgets, toys, glasses, walking sticks, hats, make-ups, margazines, books etc. you can go to a specific organization and enquire about their address and/or physical location where they can receive these items from. Alternatively, you can them send directly to us on the address provided in the Contact page. For monetary donation, you can donate directly to specific organization's paypal, bank or m-pesa (Kenya) accounts. You can find more details by going to the Organizaitons page.

Alternatively, you can us the button below to donate directly to us. A donation made by this method is equally distributed to as many organizations as possible after eliminating taxation and other money transfer fees encountered.

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